What is a CELTA Course?

If you are interested in teaching English as a second language, chances are that you may have already come across the word CELTA. That’s because this course is very much considered one of the best out there right now for potential new English teachers as it’s recognised by schools all over the world.

Nevertheless, many people, especially when they first come across this course, may naturally have a few questions about it. So to help you decide if this could be the English language course for you, we’ve put together this little FAQ.

What is CELTA?

The first thing to note is that CELTA is an acronym, which stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. Now we understand exactly what the word stands for, it is easier to understand what we are talking about! CELTA has been around since 2001, and that level of longevity should give a good idea as to the overall success of the course itself.

It is designed primarily as a foundation course, providing everything you need to begin teaching the English language to adults.

What Previous Experience is Required?

Naturally, when people consider teaching English, they assume that they must have certain qualifications or experience before they start. Of course, a solid grasp of the English language is really going to help you along in this career.

However, CELTA is designed with the assumption that the student has no teaching experience at all, which it makes it the perfect initial qualification for the would be English language teacher.

Where Can You Study for a CELTA?

Many institutions in the UK offer this course so in some ways you are very much spoilt for choice!

It could be an idea to try to find a course being offered in a metropolitan setting. There are lots of educational centre’s offering CELTA Courses in London for example. The benefit here is that English is very much a modern, living language. By choosing to study it in a vibrant city like London, you can experience the way that English is actually used in everyday conversations all around you, all day. This can only be helpful in your studies.

Is it a Full Time Course?

It can be – but only if you want it to be! This is a great degree of flexibility in this particular course. The actual course length will vary from institute to institute. However broadly speaking you, you can choose to study full or part time.

The full-time option is a very intensive course, typically running a full day, Monday to Friday for a month – so expect to be studying hard from 9am to 5pm – with homework thrown in on top!

Part-time courses will typically spread the workload over a longer period of time. Some courses will take a couple of evenings a week, for example, and be spread over something like 12 weeks of study.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits are that you graduate with an internationally recognised qualification in teaching English language. You also get the benefit of studying a course that is always adapting and evolving to provide the most up to date and relevant methods for teaching English Language to adults.

So now you have a better idea about this course, its history and its benefits, the only question remaining is – what are you waiting for?

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