Last Minute Exam Tips For Students

Success is an outcome of hard work. Success doesn’t embrace you overnight. It demands hard work, perseverance and determination. However, few students tend to get tensed during the last minute preparation. And, the last 24 hours of preparation might be stressful. If it is scheduled in a right pattern, that will definitely take you through the best results. Below mentioned are few tips to revise all the lessons prior to the examination without any stress.

  • Analyse the summaries – Always make sure that you will analyse the summaries rather than the notes itself. Summaries will help with mind mapping. For instance, if you are studying chemistry and finding it difficult in remembering the atomic structure.  Then, try to make it easy by remembering key elements.
  • Keep the stress away – Do not take stress unnecessarily. Try to avoid the people who tend to give you more stress. Stay peaceful and concentrate on your revision, rather than stressing.
  • Take a long break – Make sure that you take long breaks like evening break or whole afternoon break. One can either go for a walk alone or with the friends. This keeps your mind refreshed. Now, try to recall everything that you have studied.
  • Revise, Refresh and Repeat – Test your memory by taking up a test and assess it by yourself. This gives a fair idea of what type of questions that you might come across in the examination. Now, take a break. Then start revising again.
  • Focus on your weak points – Be aware of what you need to learn. Do not repeatedly concentrate on the lessons that you are well aware of. For instance, if you are not sure that you have understood a few topics like redox reaction, do not panic. Focus on these units and learn it.
  • Stay positive – Stay calm, sleep well and eat well. Make sure that you drink a lot of water. Try to sleep well on the previous night. Lastly, do not rush.

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