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There are plenty of good reasons to choose to become a writer. First of all, this is one of the most independent professions in the world. You can work remotely, at your home or at some small cafe, staying free from management and distractions. Furthermore, it is about mobility: all you need for doing your job is your laptop and a good cup of coffee, so you can work while travelling or having lunch. Finally, this is a very rewarding occupation if you are a creative person and love to generate unique and catchy texts.

Of course, the standards in this niche can be high, especially when it comes to academic writing. Such elements of the writing process as research or fact checking become much more important in this case. In order to compose academic articles and papers of proper quality you need to follow the rules (often very strict) of work with information, in addition to general writing skills. This is just one of many examples when developing proper skills is no less important than being creative.

In order to become a top notch writer who can take various tasks, from simple blog posts to research papers, one has to train all the time. It is risky to stay at the same level when the writer profession gains popularity. New skilled competitors might appear in your niche and win all the best customers! That is why it is worth considering taking a professional course online, to save your time and ensure your future success.

Luckily, today it is not mandatory to graduate from a formal writers school of some kind. A lot of online courses are available all over the web, and some of them could boast quite a high level of tutoring. In this article we will review 50 most popular and helpful ones, available online and provided by world’s leading universities and educational platforms. 

Course: Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking

Where: Harvard University

Professional postgraduate tutoring in world’s leading humanitarian university. Basically free, with extra paid options.

Course: The Strategy of Content Marketing

Where: University of California, Davis

For intermediate skill level. Add analytics and planning to your creative writing.

Course: English Grammar and Style

Where: University of Queensland via edX

Starting with advanced grammar and style, this course provides in-depth view into word usage and text composing.

Course: Grammar and Punctuation

Where: University of California, Irvine via Coursera

For starters and for those who need refreshing their knowledge about English grammar rules.

Course: Effective Business Writing

Where: Berkeley University via edX

Basic rules and appropriate formats for corporate emails, business proposals, presentations etc. Free with additional paid options.

Course: Creative Writing

Where: Wesleyan University

Basic story genres and appropriate techniques for aspiring writers. French and Spanish specialization also available!

Course: How to Write an Essay

Where: Berkeley University via edX

Academic writing basics, aimed at English learners. 

Course: Getting Started with Essay Writing

Where: University of California, Irvine via Coursera

Introducing future writers to main academic essay types. Paid certification available.

Course: How to Write a Novel

Where: University of British Columbia via edX

Learn how to write, edit and revise your big complicated texts. Aimed at experienced writers and beginners.

Course: Memoir and Personal Essay: Write About Yourself

Where: Wesleyan University

Challenges and techniques of professional non-fiction writing when focusing on personal experience.

Course: Perfect Tenses and Modals

Where: University of California, Irvine via Coursera

Important basics for would-be English writers.

Course: Adjectives and Adjective Clauses

Where: University of California, Irvine via Coursera

More sophisticated knowledge about English writing for aspiring authors.

Course: Advanced Writing

Where: University of California, Irvine via Coursera

Another part of the series for would-be English writers. Focused on academic content rules.

Course: Academic writing for clarity and meaning

Where: University of the Witwatersrand via edX

Rules and techniques of easy explaining complex ideas in your texts. Focused on writing principles and styles.

Course: Writing in the Sciences

Where: Stanford University

Advanced knowledge from the world’s top educational institution. Aimed at scientists willing to adopt better writing skills

Course: English Composition I

Where: Duke University via Coursera

General tips and rules for composing college-level texts.

Course: Introduction to Research for Essay Writing

Where: University of California, Irvine via Coursera

Key knowledge for advanced writing: how to research and to work with data. 

Course: English Composition: Research and Writing

Where: Arizona University

Basics of working with sources and composing creative texts for beginners.

Course: Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot

Where: Wesleyan University

Understanding of plot and how to make it. Aimed at young writers.

Course: Writing for Graduate School

Where: Barry University via Canvas Network

General rules and tips for starters, including work with sources, APA & MLA styles etc..

Course: Journalism for Social Change

Where: Berkeley University via edX

Advanced program for experienced writers. Aimed at work with modern technologies and trends.

Course: Business Writing

Where: Berkeley University via edX

Advanced program for professional writers and executives.

Course: Start Writing Fiction

Where: The Open University via FutureLearn

Innovative advanced program for writers in the UK’s leading undergraduate institution. 

Course: Media Writing and Editing

Where: Ohio State University via Canvas Network

Basics and techniques for writing for all types of media platforms.

Course: Effective Communication: Writing, Design, and Presentation

Where: University of Colorado Boulder

Business writing and related data management activities for beginners and experienced writers.

Course: Doing Journalism with Data: First Steps, Skills and Tools

Where: European Journalism Centre via Canvas Network

EU journalistic standards for English speakers and learners.

Course: Creative Writing: The Craft of Setting and Description

Where: Wesleyan University via Coursera

Rules and techniques for high-level fiction writing. Aimed at beginners.

Course: Creative Writing: The Craft of Style

Where: Wesleyan University via Coursera

Advanced program for aspiring fiction writers. Requires fluent English level.

Course: Business English Communication Skills

Where: University of Washington

Intermediate level program for young writers, with a focus on the corporate style.

Course: Transmedia Writing

Where: Michigan State University via Coursera

Best practices and techniques for beginners, with a special focus on Intellectual Property rights.

Course: Writing a Personal Essay

Where: Wesleyan University via Coursera

Non-fiction writing program for beginners. Rules and tips for telling about personal experience.

Course: Grant Writing and Crowdfunding for Public Libraries

Where: University of Michigan

A narrow program aimed at library management, though might be interesting for experienced niche writers.

Course: High-Impact Business Writing

Where: University of California, Irvine via Coursera

Advanced practices and tips for experienced writers and business people.

Course: Writing Winning Resumes and Cover Letters

Where: University of Maryland via Coursera

Helpful tips and techniques for job seekers.

Course: Writing Professional Email and Memos

Where: University of Georgia via Coursera

Mostly oriented at experienced writers and business professionals.

Course: The Writing Process

Where: University of California, Berkeley via edX

More of a theoretical view into the writing essentials.

Course: Better Business Writing in English

Where: Georgia Institute of Technology via Coursera

An intermediate level program for English learners and aspiring business professionals.

Course: Interviewing and Resume Writing in English

Where: University of Maryland

In-depth view into efficient communication in the Human Resources field. Helpful for both beginners and for experienced writers.

Course: Writing for Social Media

Where: University of California, Berkeley via edX

An intermediate-level program with focus on business needs and promotion techniques. 

Course: English for Effective Business Writing

Where: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology via Coursera

Similar to the previous one. Might be a preference for someone because of location or curriculum specifics.

Course: Academic Information Seeking

Where: University of Copenhagen

Helpful techniques on academic research. Popular among European writers.

Course: Technical Report Writing for Engineers

Where: The University of Sheffield via FutureLearn

Advanced program for tech writers or engineers willing to improve their writing skills.

Course: Discovering Science: Science Writing

Where: University of Leeds via FutureLearn

Similar to the previous one but with a focus on scientific fields.

Course: Writing Skills for Engineering Leaders

Where: Rice University

A program for engineers, with a specific focus on soft skills and management. 

Course: Scholarly Communication

Where: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology via Coursera

Beginner level program for english learners with a tech background. 

Course: Writing your World: Finding yourself in the academic space

Where: University of Cape Town via Coursera

Aimed at aspiring academic writers. Also helpful for students and researchers willing to level up their writing skills.

Course: How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper

Where: École Polytechnique via Coursera

An in-depth program for academic writers from a leading tech university in France. 

Course: Writing Skills for Health Care Providers

Where: Concordia University Wisconsin

Tips and techniques for creating a quality medical related content.

Course: Discovering Your PhD Potential: Writing a Research Proposal

Where: via FutureLearn

Advanced academic writing tutoring on a popular digital education platform. 

Course: Project: Writing a Research Paper

Where: University of California, Irvine

Advanced program for aspiring academic writers.

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